Tori V grew up in the El Monte area. She lived with her 3 sisters, mother, and grandmother at the time. Her family was on welfare, so Tori was taught that not everything comes easy in life. Eventually her and her family had moved to Rancho Cucamonga at the age of 10. Tori’s parents had put her in softball, although she was good at it and loved it, Tori had always voiced about being in the entertainment industry. Coming from a family, now of 6 kids and all of them being in sports, it was very hard for Tori’s parents to make the time to drive her to Los Angeles. Being told that, Tori knew that when she was old enough to drive, she would take her chance! Soon after, at the age of 13, Tori’s biological father had passed away. She was devastated, but her mom had raised her to be strong. Tori was back in school the following Monday. Everyone at school knew Tori loved to sing, dance, and act. She was then voted “Most likely to become famous,” by her middle school class. After that, Tori had entered High School. She was ready to tell her parents she wanted to quit softball and focus on entertainment. Her parents were a little bummed, but accepted. Tori was put into singing lessons right away. She had also asked her parents if she could join the cheer squad at Los Osos High School to work on her performance skills. Along her high school years, Tori grew more in love with performing. She listened to Taylor Swift, Britney Spears, and Nicki Minaj. Tori knew she wanted to be a pop artist. One day she was in the car with her friend and she started rapping. Her friend looked at her and said, “Oh my gosh Tori! You can rap!” Tori had told her she knew she could do it! Her friend had told her to go for her dreams. Senior year Tori was chosen for “Most likely to become an actress.” Her classmates had wished her the best of luck after high school. Tori had focused on her music. Writing songs about an ex- boyfriend, her lyrics spoke to others. She then had gotten her first job at Maxis International, a tire warehouse, where she lifted tires and had become forklift certified. She spent 4 and a half years working there. Tori loved it not only because of the labor, but her manager was once her softball coach growing up. He had known that she wanted to be in the entertainment industry. Therefore, whenever she needed to go to Los Angeles during work, he would let her. On July 8, 2015 Tori auditioned for an independent horror film. She had booked the lead role. The producer had noticed Tori could rap. Tori had no idea he used to work for Laface Records. He put her in the studio right away. She had then started singing for the vocal producer and right then and there he had told Tony Mercedes that she was meant to be a singer, not a rapper. Tori and her team are now about to release her album called “American Beauty.” Her inspirations are Cher Lloyd, Nicki Minaj, Ariana Grande, and Britney Spears. Tori’s goals for her music career are to inspire others to do whatever their heart desires. She wants to make an impact on the world, and bring hope and faith to humanity. She knows that its hard work, but doesn’t have a doubt in her mind that she is able to achieve it. Tori has always turned a negative into a positive. And being said that, she knows this is only the beginning.

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